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Re: All this talk about butter

I have a recipe for a non-dairy butter, although I have not tried this one 
yet, maybe someone has or is willing to give it a try.

Millet Butter

-3/4 cup water                              
-1/2 T Agar flakes
-1/2 cup packed, cooked, hot millet
-2 T clean, raw cashews
-1 T peeled, cooked carrot
-1/2 t salt

Stir agar into water and heat, stirring constantly, untill dissolved and 
liquid is clear. Pour into a blender and blend with remaining ingredients 
untill very smooth. Let stand a few minutes so that air bubbles can escape. 
Pour into a container and chill, covered. Keeps about 1 week. Does not freeze 
well. "Recipes from the Weimar Kitchen".