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Sugar Substitutes

Someone asked about sugar substitutes in baking.  (I missed the originial
posts)  The only one I can think of would be honey, or molasses or fruit
juice concentrates.

Additionally, many fat substitutes - mashed bananas, applesauce, etc. are
naturally sweet, so you could reduce or eliminate the sugar called for in
the recipe.  You could reduce the sugar even more by using rice milk or
non-concentrated fruit juice as the liquid, since both are naturally

Even before I was vegetarian, many, many years ago (wheels were still
square - hadn't figured out the concept of round wheels) my mother had us
modify all recipes for cookies and sweet breads by cutting all the sugars
(usually plain white and/or brown) in half.  The end results were still

If you're making yeast bread, much, if not all, of the sugar will be
utilized by the yeast.

Hope this helps.