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sour cream ideas

Estela and all - I use ff sour cream on baked potatoes or to top ff
tortillas and beans w/ lettuce and tomatoes, then add salsa...
I also use it in a dip that i make using = parts sour cream and salsa,
or a pkg of dry ff dressing mix and mix it up instead of the mayo often
called for!
if you are baking potatoes, one of my favorite brunch and lunch dishes
is to cut up baked potatoes, (usually i bake a bunch at a time, or zap
them in a microwave an then let them cool and put in refrig to reheat
when I'm in a hurry!@)  anyway, put cut up otatoes in skillet and cook
til crispy, then add spicy seasonings (i like cajun, or onion and garlic
powder and some paprika w/ pepper) then add the ff sour cream and it
makes a creamy potato dish - 
also, sour cream in great in mashed potatoes or whipped up into egg
beaters for a quiche or fritatta...enjoy!
diana in st. louis