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Wheat Germ

Someone asked about the nutritional value of wheat germ. Wheat Germ is
very nutritious.  When wheat is going through processing the bran and
germ of the grain are removed.   The germ (wheat germ) has a lot of the
vitamins and minerals, it a lot of iron, vitamin e, zinc, magnesium, and
protein.  These are all essential for good health.  Vitamin e helps with
keeping the heart healthly and lowering cholesterol.  Iron of course is
needed for energy, red blood cells, and immune function, magnesium-aids
in bone and muscle function. Zinc-carb metabolism, immune function, and
protein/calcium balance. Vegetarians  usually have lower in serum zinc
and magnesium levels, so it's important to eat foods rich in these.  If
your diet is well-rounded, then you should be fine.  So...yes, the
answer to your question is wheat germ is great for you, and sprinkling
it on your cereral is a great way to incorporate it in your diet. You
could sprinkle it on yogurt (soy yogurt if you don't eat dairy), on
soups, casseroles etc.

Hope this helps,

Renee : )

Renee Kemske
Dept. of Nutrition-SPH