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Book Review...

I was just at the bookstore yesterday, paying full-price for books in the 
first time in forever and found a great book on storage of food. It is called 
"Making The Best of Basics - Family Preparedness Handbook," by James Talmadge 
Stevens. It is $19.95 (full price), and I found it in the Y2K section.

This book has several things that set it apart from other books on similar 
and not-so similar topics that make it great:
1. It tells you WHAT you need to store to be prepared for an emergency (like 
losing your job, hurricane, flood, Y2K).
2. It tells you HOW to store your food, and for how long it will stay at its 
best nutritional/flavor value. Also, how to avaoid pests/infestation.
3. It tells about ROTATING food, so that you are eating what you have and not 
wasting it to spoilage, investation, etc.
4. It has recipes using the food that are the basics of life, including whole 
grains (that you buy in bulk), whole grain flours, etc.

Sinc ehtey are getting back to some of the very basics, it is good for anyone 
who wants to :
1. Save Money
2. Lose weight
3. Go more macrobiotic
3. Learn about meat alternatives
4. Cook better
5. Be prepared for disaster of any sort

A few of the recipes include graham crackers, Seitan (wheat-meat or wheat 
gluten), Soft Ice Cream, Sourdough and Yeast Breads, Yogurt, Drying fruits 
and veggies, and more. It even has a resource guide in the back for 
purchasing supplies.

I am very pleased, and look forward to trying this out ASAP.