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Fw: almonds

>Has anyone tried almond butter?  Is it sort of fat free?   Where in the
>grocery store would it be?  Thanks a lot!
>Gotta Go!

Almond butter is just ground almonds.  See below, almonds are 75% pure fat.
Sorry for the bad news.

See Nutritional Data for 1 OZ(24 WHL KERNELS) 
See Nutritional Data for 1 C WHOLE KERNELS 
Nutritional Data for 100 grams of NUTS; ALMONDS, DRIED, UNBLANCHED
Mean value per 100.00 grams edible part; 60.0% refuse 
Portions:  1 OZ(24 WHL KERNELS) = 28.40 gm, 1 C WHOLE KERNELS = 142.00 gm
75.0% Cals from fat, 13.0% Cals from protein, 12.0% Cals from carbs.