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re: Condensed Milk Substitute 6/23/99

I was going back through recipes looking for this one, and wanted to verify
with you the recipe said 2 CUPS of powdered sugar???
I'm thinking perhaps this should be 2T or 2t?
Would you be kind enough to verify this?
Thanks so much,

On June 23, 1999 Lynne wrote:

Someone asked for a sweetened condensed milk substitute...
Mock Sweetened Condensed Milk     2 1/4 cup   fat = 4 gm ea cup

1   c   skim milk,  scalded (or as needed for consistency)
4   c   non-fat milk powder
1/4 c   butter buds
2   c   powdered sugar

Puree all  ingredients.
>From the Guilt Free Gourmet Cookbook (p 393)