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Re: Kashi

Hello...Kashi is not just a cereal though.  I don't remember the question
word for word, but we buy Kashi in a box with 8, maybe 10 packets.  This
is grains that need to be cooked.  I use them as a basis for a mushroom
and carrot soup, or they can be cooked with broth and served as a pilaf.
It is kind of like that ricearoni stuff without the pasta and the seasonings
and salt and msg.  It is very versatile.  In fact when I first bought my first
box there was a cookbook included in it.

Kashi cereal is really good too.  Right now we have 2 kinds in our cupboard.
Honey Puffed Kashi is like the need-to-be-cooked grains which is 7 whole
grains and sesame, but it is puffed like puffed rice or puffed wheat.  Kashi
Medley also has O's, nuggests, flakes, granola, apples and raisins added along
with the puffs.

On one cereal box it says "for a coupon and free information on other Kashi
products, send a self addressed stamped envelope to":
     Kashi Company
      p o box 8557
      LaJolla   CA   92038-8557

Also, you can check their website at    www.kashi.com


Cambr27@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Kashi cereal is so good for you and delicious. If you want you can sweeten it
> up with a little honey, some frozen fruit and your favorite soy milk, I like
> Pacific Oat milk the best, its very tastey!