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Homemade soy milk

This is for all the people who requested I post th erecipe for momenade
soy milk.
you soak 2 cups of soybeans overnight in 5 cups water. Rinse and drain.
Heat 12 cups water so very hot. Blend the soybeans with the hot water in
batches. Line a colander with cheese cloth and pour the blended
water/soybeans into the colander with the cheesecloth. The pulp that
remains in the cheesecloth can be parched or used wet in baking or for
cooking with grains (I love this stuff and consider it a great advantage
of making your own soy milk). When you have strained all the soybean
mixture through the cheesecloth pour any reamining hot water in with it.
Squeeze the cheesecloth to remove excess (note don't squeeze too hard or
pulp will also be squeezed out). Boil the strained soy milk (careful not
to let it burn). Bring to a boil slowly stirring the whole time. Simmer
8-10 min and ta da...... you have your own home made soy milk. Bear in
mind that it is unsweetened so if used to commercial varieties then you
may need to sweeten it. If you want to read the entire article it is in
this months "Veggie Life".
Franca in Connecticut