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RE: MacDougall Diet-Crunchy Brown Rice

Interesting that people who reply with messages copied again and again,
resubmitting entire threads to the lists go right through!
In all the years I've been on this and most cooking lists, I've never heard
messages were held!! -- Oh! except if language kicks off a flag.  But THAT
seems to have fallen by the wayside, considering some of the awful things
people said last time Happy.exe came through.

Well anyway, thanks for the thought.  I had fun writing that note!  Almost
all the things I've actually said or wanted to say I wrote down.  Very
therapeutic. <G>

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When messages are more than a certain length they sit in Michelle's inbox
until she personally approves them for the list.

I think that every Mastercook recipe it of that certain length--or, at
least, mine :-)