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Re: Dixie Diner Products

Personally, I like Nutletts but they do require something to go with them
like dried fruit or other cereal.  I like Grapenuts alone, but not Nutletts.
I have a huge bag in my pantry right now and eat some almost every day.

I've tried all of their older, dried Beef Not! products (i.e. not the more
expensive pouch ones).  I like the hxmbxrgxr-like ones if there is a
flavorful sauce.  They're not as good in meatloaf, patties, etc. where they
have to stand on their own.  Same thing with the chunks and strips.  I know
some like them any old way, but we don't.  We like them with something else
like lots of onions, BBQ sauce, tomatoes, etc. etc.

I love the CreamIt! tofu powder and EggNot! powders.  I make soy milk and
smoothies with CreamIt! on a daily basis.