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Tomato paste

Here's a response to several weeks ago. I'm always hitting reply and that 
doesn't work with this list so this message got delayed. But if it will still 
be of use--
 Now I have another question. Is it possible to make tomato paste at home
 from fresh tomatoes? I have checked my cookbooks and the web to no avail.

I made what passes for tomato paste (and is delicious) by oven drying 
tomatoes (I used a tray full of cherry tomatoes, non-stick pan or mist with 
oil, 350 degree oven for an hour 
or so) and then whirling them up in my food processor until they were a 
paste. The seeds show, but we consider them fiber and like them. I've used 
the resulting mix as paste, sauce base, etc. I haven't tried freezing it yet, 
but I think it would work if you did.

Laura Kennelly