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RE: MacDougall Diet-Crunchy Brown Rice

Start looking for the cookbook and other fat-reduction cookbooks in the used
You'll find things you just didn't imagine.  Restaurants are simply giant
kitchens, and if they have it in the house, they can make it for you.  (This
from a 22-year restaurant industry veteran.)
Be mindful of busy times, though, and try to be creative from what's already
on the menu.

Some of the more media-hype type books actually give lots of great
substitutions and ideas for going out.
Pam MyCoskie's Butter Busters (The original one, not the subsequent
publications) is pretty extreme, but the ideas are great.
All the Ornish books help quite a bit.

In the meanwhile, when (RUDE) people push you, here are a few comebacks.
It's really better not to make it personal, but if those not "understanding"
are making it personal, you have every right to slam back, if you so choose.
There is absolutely no reason one should need to cater to theirs rudeness,
just because *your* choices are different.  Please note, however, that these
can be used with humor, so they don't have to sound as horrible as they
read! <LOL>  But on the other hand, if the tone of voice warrants it...
"It's always rather unkind to make fun of things one doesn't understand,
don't you think?"
"What if I were an alcoholic and that hotdog you're shoving in my face were
a drink?"
"Why are you so busy watching what I eat?  Are you dissatisfied with what's
on your own plate?"
"If I want your opinion, I'll kick it out of you."   (Just checking to see
if you're paying attention! <g>)
"Don't worry, I'm not asking you to dine like I do."
"What I choose to eat (shovel into MY mouth) isn't about you, so I don't see
why you're taking it so personally."
"You're very brave.  I wouldn't have the nerve to discuss things or other
people's choices so loudly in public when it's obvious I knew nothing about
the subject."
"If you are truly interested in understanding why I choose to be a
Vegetarian, why don't we talk about it privately when it's quiet, and you're
more willing to hear what I have to offer."
"...Ahhh, don't worry.  I know you're just jealous that my meal is so
beautiful and fresh, where yours is just lying there on your plate,
"It's always interesting to see how threatened people are by the fact I
choose to eat different things than what they might choose. "
"Life is choices, and I'm making my own."

Well, there's enough for now.  I hope you can maintain your sense of humor
in the face of a lot of stupid ignorance.  Unfortunately, we're raised with
our education funded by the American Dairy Assoc., the Beef Council, etc.
Those beliefs color our food choices our entire lives, more strongly than a
religious choice.  It's so personal to some people when someone stops eating
meat.  I've seen people actually get MAD!!  <sigh> Oh well.  I've written a
novel now, so I'll stop.

Have a good night!