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Re: soy milk

Hello...Are you buying it in the 32 oz or 64 oz?  I buy the 32oz by the case,
though the 64oz would be cheaper.  I don't seem to have trouble using it
course there are 5 of us.  However, no one drinks it as is.  We like the
FatFree Plain.

I use in cooking.  Every 2 loaves of bread uses up 2 cups, and I bake
bread several times a week.  I use the ff soy milk to mix up my egg
replacer rather than just plain water.

I had very good luck using the soy milk to make a substitute mushroom soup.
 I just whir in the blender 1 drained can of mushrooms, about 1 1/2 cups soy
milk, and
a bit of dry mustard, salt, pepper, and 1 T of cornstarch.  Use this for the
noodle-y casseroles now, and no one has complained.

Almost any recipe that asks for milk and in some cases water,
the soy milk can be used.   I use in place of creamer in my coffee...does
not make the coffee as white, but it is ok.

Oh, I use it in smoothies also...put frozen fruit in blender, like
or blackberries and banana and cantaloupe or honeydew...add enough ff soy
milk to frappe. I do not add ice as some people do, as I keep a supply of
frozen fruit chunks in the freezer all the time.  This is more of a summer
thing though.

We also use ff soy milk to make hot cocoa in the winter using the cocoa
powder, sugar, vanilla. The cocoa is not as creamy as the packaged stuff or
as if you used real milk, but it's good, so you can get used to it.

You can use it to make pudding, dilute canned soup if you use such,
use to make scalloped potatoes.  (I sent this to the list once
before...it works fine to make the scalloped potatoes without adding any
butter.  Just the potatoes, onion, flour and soy milk and salt.  Thickens up
just fine.)

I hope some of these ideas help you use the soymilk up, and then you
will not have to worry about storing it, because I have never tried freezing
it, and then using.  I would think it would work, as dairy skim milk can be
frozen, then thawed and used.


> Hi:  I buy nonfat or low-fat soy milk in cartons. Sometimes I am unable to
> use the entire carton before going out of town. I wonder if anyone knows
> whether the balance of a carton can be frozen and thawed for use at a later
> date. Thanks in advance.
> Lois in New Jersey