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Dixie Diner pie crust mix

A while back there was a discussion of pie crust and I mentioned that
I'd bought some Dixie Diner pie crust mix and would report after I'd
tried it.  So here's my report:

It's not completely fatfree; it's got 14% CFF, I assume mostly from the
oatmeal and lecithin.

I made a plum pie, and since I did roll it out rather than pat it out as
the directions said, I had enough for a lattice top crust.  The bottom
crust, which absorbed some of the fruit juices as it was baking, was
fine.  The outer edge and the lattice were a bit tough, and got
overbrowned easily.

Everyone I served it to thought it was just fine.  I'm fussy about pie
crust--my mother taught me how to make tender flaky (high fat) crust
about 40 years ago, and that's the way I think pie crust ought to be.
As a result, I hardly ever make pies.  When I do, I cut the shortening a
bit, but it's still a very high fat crust, the kind I indulge in only
about once a year.  The Dixie Diner crust would have been fine, I think,
if I'd forgotten about using a top crust and followed my original plan
of making a streusel topping (oatmeal, a little flour, a little sugar,
applesauce instead of butter).

Jane Colman