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Re: stevia

I bought Stevia, It's bitter and tastes like a
mixture of alum, licorice, and saccharin.

The bitterness is likely a matter of using far too much, and may also relate to your source of supply, the form you're using. Portion control is difficult. I use both extract and the raw form for nearly everything I do these days, including baking of biscotti, etc. The extract (white powder) is highly concentrated. I put maybe 1/2 teaspoons in 3/4 cup of water and whisk.. then use about 1 t to equal a cup of sugar.

If this is the form you're using, and you're experiencing bitterness, I suspect you need to use far less. I don't notice bitterness, but did read of that as a symptom of "too much". I sprinkle the green on cereal, or whisk a small amount of it in soy-milk.. again about 1/4 teaspoon to a 2 cup bowl of cereal (big eater!). The green, or 'raw form' has a slightly 'minty taste' and I'm quickly becoming quite fond of it in herbal teas.

In reading about Stevia I think I learned that it's grown in many places, and that the taste can vary some. It's said that Paraguay is the best.. but then it's grown as well in China and is heavily used as a sugar substitute in Japan in the manufacture of much food.

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