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Crockpot breakfasts/Muesli cereal

I submitted the following recipes to the power-foods list last summer.
In addition to mixing your own combination of whole grains, there is a
product called "Kashi" that is a mix of seven whole grains and sesame.
It's great for breakfast or can used in place of rice, etc. for other

A combination of whole grains and berries in a small 4 cup crockpot
cooked overnight in water or part apple juice makes for a fiber-rich,
chewy cereal in the morning (or anytime).  Toss in some cut up dried
fruit -- dates, cranberries, figs, whatever. Some grains that need an
overnight slow cook -- wheat berries, rye berries, steel-cut oats, kamut
and spelt berries (the whole grain). In the morning, some additions to
try -- dry soy milk powder/oat bran (to thicken), cinnamon, fresh fruit,
wheat germ, etc. I eat this with vanilla soy milk and if apple juice
and/or dried fruit are used, it needs no other sweetener.

"Muesli" is another breakfast option.  I mix organic oat flakes (old
fashioned rolled oats purchased in the bulk section at the HFS) with
apple juice and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.  In the
morning add some grated apple, squeeze of lemon juice, cinnamon, wheat
germ and a few sliced almonds.  Top with a dollop of vanilla flavored
soy/dairy yogurt, if you like, or vanilla soy milk.

A tablespoon of freshly ground flax seeds adds additional fiber when
sprinkled on top.  I keep the seeds refrigerated and grind them in a
coffee grinder that I only use for seeds, nuts, grains and spices. Do
not add the ground seeds before cooking, because they make a very gummy