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Autumn Harvest Stew

Ruth said:

>Sheri, you've done it again!  Take a bow--your Autumn Harvest Stew is

{blushing}  Thanks!  But, as I said before, I got this recipe from Rosie in
the Austin, TX, Vegetarian Society, I can't take credit (unfortunately!)

>It really hit my hot button yesterday, so I ran out and bought sweet
potatoes and made it for dinner.  Mmmmmmmmmmm!<

I ate it 3 nights in a row for dinner because it was so delicious!

>This makes a HUGE pot, so it would be great for a group or a potluck.<

Or, you can freeze half of it for another time; that's what I did.

>Thanks, Sheri!<

You're very welcome.  I'm so glad to pass on a wonderful recipe.