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Re: Italian sausages (not)

Lightlife Lean Italian Links.

I love these too. I make Italian faux-sausage sandwiches by slicing the links the long way, not quite in half so that you have a hotdog-bun-shaped-sausage. I sautee those until browned in a non-stick pan in a spritz of spray oil. Remove sausages from pan when done. In the same pan, sautee onion, garlic and red and green bell pepper strips in water or broth until softened, then add jarred fat free spaghetti sauce to the sauciness consistency you prefer. Sprinkle with red pepper flackes if you like and or add extra Italian seasonings. Simmer a couple of minutes to blend flavors. Spoon veggies on to grinder style roll then lay sausages on top and eat. Messy but Yum. My carniverous husband really likes these. Pretty quick and easy too.


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