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Sheri's Autumn Harvest Stew

Sheri, you've done it again!  Take a bow--your Autumn Harvest Stew is
terrific.  It really hit my hot button yesterday, so I ran out and bought
sweet potatoes and made it for dinner.  Mmmmmmmmmmm!  I reduced the chili
powder and omitted the crushed chilis because we don't like stuff too hot,
and I wanted to go easy the first time around.  But I did everything else
the same, I think--but I put it in the crock pot.  Worked like a charm and
was ready to eat the moment we walked in the door last night.  My kind of

This makes a HUGE pot, so it would be great for a group or a potluck.
That's what I will do next time I have to take a pot of something somewhere!
It's a thick rich soup/stew that has great flavor, in my opinion.

As for the asafoetida, I used it, but omitting it would not change the
taste.  It is an Indian spice often used to reduce the gas in beans.  Since
it is used only a pinch at a time, you'd never miss it.  But you can also
buy it at Indian grocery stores (there's one not too far from me).  And I
had only had hominy once before and hated it, so I figured this would be a
good way to use up the other can on my pantry shelf.  Right again.  You
can't even taste it.  It just adds to the richness of the tastes and

Thanks, Sheri!

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