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RE: Lasagna Noodles

> Has anyone tried these lasagna noodles that you don't have to
> boil first?  How'd it work out?  Is there any brand in particular
> that you like best?  Thanks for any help.

I use them all the time, and they are excellent.  They are actually better
than than regular dried noodles, because they  are thinner, and end up
closer to the correct texture for homemade lasagna than the thicker dried
noodles do.

BTW, Cook's Illustrated tested them, and found them superior.  No-Boil
lasagna noodles are now a part of the Cook's Illustrated recipe for lasagna.
It's true, you can just use regular noodles uncooked in your lasagna, but
I'd spring for the no-boil noodles for the better texture.

I can't remember the brand I use.  There are two brands at my grocery, one
in a yellow box and one in a red box.  I use the one in the red box.  I
haven't tried the other one, so it' may be just as good.