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In response to the question about protein shakes by Olga...I drink them
daily.  As a vegetarian, it is very hard to take in adequate amounts of
protein daily (and keep it lowfat)without some sort of supplement.  Whey
protein is one, if not the best source.  It's low fat, low carb, low sugar
and high protein.  I tend to make a shake 1-2 times daily and mix it in the
blender with a little skim milk (8 oz.), some ice, a little water and fruit
(banana, strawberries, grapes, etc).  I also buy frozen fruit (assorted
berries, peaches, etc.).  I buy a vanilla and a chocolate flavor to add
variety.  One scoop of protein will give you 20-22 grams of protein. One
thing I would encourage is to use them sparingly as meal replacements but
not for every meal. They are excellent as snacks or compliments to a meal,
but don't rely on them for all your nutrition.  I have found a site that is
great to buy it from b/c it's cheaper than the stores and they can mail it
directly to you. Check them out... http://www.pas-fitness.com/ They also
have protein bars that are excellent (Eclipse 2000) and come in different
flavors...chocolate/marshmallow/graham are great!!!


Holli in Orlando!