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RE: Sugar substitutes

I often cut the sugar in a recipe by 1/3 to 1/2 without a problem.

If you use honey to replace the sugar, then you should reduce the baking
temperature by 25 degrees F (according to an information sheet about baking
with honey that I picked up that the North Carolina State Fair a few years
ago). This same caveat may apply to molasses, but I'm not sure.

If you are willing to use sugar substitutes (Equal, Sugar Twin, etc.), then
Brown Sugar Twin isn't too bad. My brother-in-law is diabetic, so on
occasion I have replaced half the sugar in a recipe with the Brown Sugar
Twin. I don't recommend replacing all of the sugar with the Brown Sugar
Twin---the taste will be rather strange. I started by replacing 1/3 of the
sugar and then moved up to 1/2. I also tried the regular Sugar Twin, but
didn't like the taste.

A year or so ago I bought some liquid stevia to sweeten drinks. To me it
tastes really odd, so now I'm stuck with a 4-ounce bottle of the stuff!
8-)  Some people are quite happy with stevia, though, so you might want to
give it a try. Everyone's taste buds are different.

Hope this helps,

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