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Grainy Cheesecake

Re grainy cheesecake: there are two styles of restaurant cheesecake out
there in the world: smooth as a baby's bottom, and grainy.  So this is the
grainy style.  However, it appears to me that you can control the degree of
graininess in two ways: 1) be sure that agar flakes are completely
dissolved.  Maybe that means longer soaking, or heating the soy/rice milk a
bit before adding the agar.  2) Blend! Blend! Blend!  I processed the heck
out of it.  It was fine.

As for the appearance of fresh tofu, so it's not a thing of beauty.  Neither
is a slab of meat.  :-)  Don't let yourself be put off by appearances.  It's
good stuff, honest!  (My mother, 83 years old, cannot eat yogurt to this
day, because someone told her it was the "curds" part of the "curds and
whey" of the nursery rhyme.  Sigh.  The power of suggestion.  Okay, end of

Happy day, all!

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