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Splenda is a sweetener derived from sucrose that has somehow been
chemically altered by some sort of chlorination process.  The end product
is a super sweet, super low-cal product that tastes and bakes like sugar
with no chemical aftertaste.  You can make preserves with it as well as
using it with yeast to leaven bread.  
I'd rather not think what the chlorination process actually does to sugar
molecules, or how it might affect us years down the line.  It's readily
found here in Canada, and in spite of it's chemical 'nonconformity' I use
it ALL the time in my baking and preserving.  If you can find it where you
are (in individual packets or 'spoon for spoon' format) I'd highly
recommend it.

Here's the Splenda website:


S. McCleave BSc.(Hons)Ost