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That "Cheese"cake recipe

Ruth said:
>>I needed a dessert for my once-a-month movie group--but we all love rich
food....so I made Sheri Slattery's Incredible "Cheese"cake.  Fantastic!
Even the self-styled "gourmet" cook in the group liked it, several wanted
the recipe, and they wolfed it down.  Mmmmmmm.  Thank you, Sheri, for
sharing this great "keeper" of a recipe!<<

You're very welcome!  I'm so happy everyone loved this.  I took one in to
my co-workers, and they all (reluctantly) tried it, but they all liked it.
It's ridiculous how much you have to coerce people into trying something new!

>>I'm thinking that next time I could add a handful of dried blueberries
after blending it smooth.  Then I'd have blueberry cheesecake.<<

What a wonderful idea.  I'll have to remember that one!