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Brewer's Yeast is NOT Nut. Yeast

Message-Id: CAmbr27@xxxxxxx One more thing, Brewer's yeast is also called Nutritional 
Yeast Flakes or Food Yeast Flakes. A lot of companies are calling there  products "Brewer's Yeast" when brewers yeast is a beer-brewing
by-product and  has a somewhat bitter taste to it. So if your not sure what you are buying,  just ask for help, they should know what it is if you are buyng at a  nutritional store like a GNC or Hi Health. 

I think these are 2 different products.
Nutritional yeast is not bitter.  It's somewhat savory and rich and is often used in recipes to make a vegan cheesey-tasting sauce.  There is a cookcook called "The Nutritional Yeast Cookbook" by Joanne Sp____ (something ... sorry, I forgot).  You can find the book at one of the online bookstores.