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Re:fat subs

Cathy wrote:

>I was wondering what substitute I could use for butter or oil for savory =
>recipees i.e savory loafs and muffins,

I've used yoghurt in the past, but another idea that works well is a
savoury baby food like pureed squash.  I had never thought of using pureed
beans, but I understand that the 'stock' from a can of low-sodium beans can
be used as a sub.  Instant mashed potatoes made to a thin consistancy might
be an option as well.

Good luck!

P.S.  I accidently skipped over a ff digest that had a question directed to
me from Karen about grape nuts pie crusts, and so neglected to answer it.
Sorry 'bout that, Karen!  I think nutlettes could be used in a crust, but
may need to soak a few minutes in the binding liquid to soften before
placing in the pan.
(I think someone else on the digest helped out with your query as well...I
hope  the crust works for you.)

S. McCleave BSc.(Hons)Ost