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Fava Beans & Tofu Ceviche

Susan C. wrote:

>I just noticed yesterday that the Whole Foods in our part of the world
(Austin, Texas) carries fava beans in their bulk section. You might want to
ask someone at the store there if they would start stocking them.

I will do.  Thanks for the suggestion.

>I've found the company to be extremely accomodating on requests (they sent
me an
incredible tofu ceviche recipe when I asked -which I'd be happy to post it
anyone's interested).

Me!  I am!  Please do!

>I didn't notice if they were Egyptian or European though. Actually I didn't
realize there were any distinctions.

Me neither.  I just thought "fava" was one of the Spanish words for "beans"
and that was that, until I started reading that cookbook!


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