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The Stew...Again

For Sue, who wrote:

>I am not sure who posted about the stew, but, I think that she said I =
could delete the asafoetida powder,fenugreek, and chili powder and it =
would not affect the taste. Is this correct? I forgot to save the =
email...thanks for any help..

You can omit the asafoetida for sure, and probably the fenugreek because
they are in very small quantities anyway.  Asafoetida doesn't really change
the taste of things you put it in, so far as I have noticed.  Fenugreek in
the quantity called for in the recipe would have a very subtle effect.  The
chili powder, on the other hand, is a major ingredient.  Omitting that would
certainly change the taste.  I cut it down, because QUANTITY is a matter of
taste, but it's an integral part of the taste of the stew.  You can omit the
crushed chilis, if you don't like "hot stuff".  They mainly add heat, I


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