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First Order from EthnicGrocer.com

I promised to report back when I got my first order from EthnicGrocer.com.
I ordered on Friday and it arrived yesterday (Monday).  The speed is
probably due to the fact that they are based in Evanston, IL and I am only
about an hour away in Lake Zurich, IL.  It was well-packed--the glass jar
was entirely wrapped in bubble wrap so it could not have broken even if
dropped; the box was marked fragile; they stuck in a free fridge magnet with
their info on it; and the packing slip was clear and neat.  Now, as to
quality, I ordered 3 items: 1 can fava beans, which I will try in a few
days; 1 jar lemon grass hearts--never heard of them before but they sounded
intriguing (anyone have any cool ideas for their use?); and 1 pkg of "young"
crystallized ginger, which was as dry and old-feeling as what I find in
bricks-and-mortar grocery stores, when I can find it at all.

So this item needs work.  I won't take the trouble to send it back--I'll
just make tea out of it, instead of eating it as is.   But I did let them
know, via e-mail, that it's not really satisfactory, and they immediately
credited my account plus a little extra for the trouble.  So I will have a
discount waiting for me on my next order!  Plus they said to keep an eye on
the site, as they hoped to have a new distributor for the ginger within a
couple of weeks.

So there we are.  They seem to be a real pleasure to do business with!

And that's the end of my report.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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