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no time/ no energy "recipes"

I just tried a recipe from a magazine ad last week which seems almost too obvious, but nonetheless tasty. I cooked some rice (1 cup dry) & mixed it with a can of kidney beans & a jar of salsa. Couldn't be easier!! Next time, I'd go easier on the salsa - a 16 oz. jar was too much, 1/2 of the jar would probably have been plenty. I'd bet that black beans and/ or corn would be good substitutions/ additions too. Using Minute Rice would probably get the meal even more quickly from the stovetop to your stomach.

Another easy meal is steamed veggies over rice with a little soy sauce or sweet & sour sauce (I used bottled). I add some beans (navy usually) to get a little protein in there & eat with chopsticks just for fun.

When worse comes to worse, there's always cereal - it's not just for breakfast anymore ...


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