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Picky Families

Continue to learn to cook.  Not just low and fat free, but BETTER.
No, I'm not picking at you, I'm speaking from experience. <S>
I'm lucky in that my DH will try absolutely anything.  If he doesn't like
it, he suggests, "Honey, you don't have to make that for me again."  Not too
bad. <s> He is, however, a meat & potatoes, hold the potatoes kind of guy.
He, too, will eat my stuff rather than cooking for himself, usually. I cook
meat for him enough to keep him happy, but I keep my stuff separate.  Not
such a big deal, if you just do it, rather than MAKing it a big deal.

I also cook for his mother.  240lbs of flab, Type II diabetes, Hypertension,
High Cholesterol, recent stroke recovery victim, recent colin cancer
recovery patien, almost deaf and extremely hard of seeing.  She hides
Reese's cups in the cushions of her chair, where she sits all day long
flipping the remote control.

My point is, (yes, I have one) that I've learned how to balance fat free and
healthy products so well that my husband almost never makes his suggestions
anymore, and the MIL says to her equally, um, healthy daughters, "Why can't
you cook like Christine?  SHE knows what I like. None of that fake,
cardboard food from HER."

I seldom tell anyone what's in anything.  If they insist, I tell them,
leaving off the adjectives "fat free,"  "low fat," "healthy," "natural,"
and/or "fresh."  These are buzz words for those who have ignorant
misconceptions about what can be delicious.

Quit training your daughter to snack.
Raisins, carrots, apples, good things like that can be had for hunger pangs.
If she's hungry, remember, 3 meals a day is not normal for anyone, let alone
children.  It's the smaller meals, several times a day, which keep people
from getting ravenous, or letting their blood sugar drop so low.  Much more

If your husband insists upon sabotaging efforts to bring her up with healthy
ideas about what's shoveled into her mouth, resort to blackmail.
If he doesn't let you take the lead, and stop giving her snacks and crap on
the side, threaten to refuse to cook anything he likes so that he'll have to
do it himself.  Slimy tactics call for slimy tactics. <shrug>

Just a few thoughts and ideas.  Good luck.  Don't give up.  Eventually
they'll quit thinking about it if you don't mention it anymore. <s>