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College Veggies

you're in a good place for veggie things, which don't have to be as
outrageously expensive as Georgetown is.
If you're new to the city, learn the bus routes.  In particular, take the
one that goes straight up Wisconsin Ave, into Rockville.  There's a
fabulous, award winning little place called the Vegetable Garden at Old
Georgetown Road and Wisc. Ave.  You would swear it was a regular restaurant.

If you also go out Reservoir Rd., there are several places out there that do
veggie.  Keep in mind that in Washington, DC, we have people and cultures
from all over the world.  In many countries, their representatives are
chosen from their upper eschelons of society.  The support systems that
follow them are usually very good, so we're blessed with amazing Asian,
Indian, Ethiopian, Afganistanian, Middle Eastern, (blah blah blah) cuisine

Also, as a 22 year vetern of Washingon's restuaruant business, I can tell
you you are in THE place to be a special order queen.  If the ingredients
are on the menu, you can make a dish out of them.  YOU must, however, be
understanding about the restaurant's busy time, and how your meal may take
longer to prepare. And might be served with a healthy dose of attitude, if
the server isn't supported by the management in pleasing the guest.

But I swear, you can live well, and for not very much if you get out of
G'town! <S> If you can't get out?  Get a job waiting tables in a decent
restaurant (again NOT in G'Town) and dine for free while making the best,
easiest, legal income possible.

<g> So. Been there, still doing it.  Although out  of the restaurant
business for several years now, I remain the Original Special Order Queen!