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To the New Vegetarian

Hi there!  I'd love to give you some ideas.  Last night for my family, for
instance, I had some sliced tomatoes, veggie burgers (Morning Star
Farms--dunno if you'll like them; with veggie burgers you have to try a few
brands and sometimes you just end up not liking them), cantalope chunks,
and a rice dish I made.  I cooked rice, then put it in a skillet on med.
heat with a can of peas and a can of corn and let it brown for 10 minutes
or so (using FF no-stick cooking spray), then dabbled soy sauce through it.
 It was a pretty nice dinner.  Other things you could try could be a "salt
cake"--I had a recipe posted for it a couple weeks back (let me know if
you'd like me to send it to you again).  Its a very versatile calzone-like
thing, filled with vegetables, tomatoes, ff cheese, whatever you want.  I
like taking FF chicken broth and putting many types of veggies with it,
thickening it, and then serving it over rice.  Baked potatoes (a quick fix
since you can heat those in the microwave) with salsa on top or FF sour
cream and vegetarian chili or something on that order is good.  Have you
tried vegetarian lasagne?  I guess that is a dish that takes a while,
I'd be happy to look through some of my recipes for you--if I find some
helpful ideas I'll e-mail you if you'd like.