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recipes for chard, endive, turnips

Well, yesterday was the first day of trying an organic veggie coop ... for
$21, we get a big box full of whatever was picked that morning.  I split a
box with someone and have been cooking all day!

Besides the stuff I knew how to handle (squash, herbs, lettuces, carrots,
etc.), I have a fair amount of stuff I've never prepared.  After searching
the FATFREE archives and trying a few recipes, I still have some chard,
endive, and turnips w/greens left over.  Any favorite recipes or recipe
sites (I lost my Favorites folder in a system crash recently) to share?
Even if you just have preparation tips, that would help since I've never
even eaten these!

Here's what I'm trying from the archives:
Boston Bean Salad
Chickpea Cassoulet
Two Bean Stew
Vegetable Hash

Oh, and I haven't even started looking for recipes that use lots of yellow
squash or fat, green, unknown variety of squash!  Those will keep longer
than the greens, so they're next.