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Christina cooks

I know I've told folks about another potential resource for recipes at
http://www.christinacooks.com . Although many of her recipes are not ff,
they could be easily converted (she sometimes even makes suggestions for
conversions). Plus they generally vegan, which is a nice change.

Christina also offers cooking classes. I'm not making a dime off of this (I
doubt she even knows who I am), but if you think you might be interested in
taking one online, she has survey you can fill out at
http://www.macronews.com in which you can say when you think the classes
should be, how long, and what topics you would like. I've gone to her "in
person" classes, and I think they are very entertaining.

There is also a site on the www.christinacooks.com site to order her video
tapes if your local PBS doesn't carry her show. I get it here (for local
Philadelphians, it's on Channel 12, WHYY, at 4pm on Saturdays), and it's
excellent. She even had a very famous local gourmet chef on and they made
some amazing dishes.

As for her book, I like it. If you have been considering getting it, go to
the christinacooks site to check out her recipes first to see if it's for