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Rice noodles

Several months ago someone was discussing ramen noodles and the problems
inherent with them vis-à-vis fat grams.

I've been using rice noodles in my soups, salads, etc.  The fat content is
virtually nil and it's been fun coming up with new ways to use 'em.

Basic directions for using rice noodles (sometimes called rice sticks) is to
boil them for two minutes.  Then flush with cold water for two minutes and
add to whatever it is that you've prepared.

As a side dish I like to sprinkle some curry powder over them and mix well.
You've got to have some added liquid in order for that to work but it's well
worth experimenting to get the right amount of noodle to water ratio.  The
curry makes it a real eye opener for those who think low fat means low

Beverly Kurtin

"Anyone who believes that the competitive spirit in America is dead has
never been in a supermarket when the cashier opens another checkout
line." -- Ann Landers