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Chinese Eggplant

I love Chinese eggplant. Yup, it's definitely tastier & less bitter. We
call it "Brinjal" here. It's great in stir fries. 

Here's what I like to do at work: slice diagonally into 1/2 inch thick
chunks, place in microwave friendly dish, add hot broth (or water & stock
cubes) & a teaspoon of chilli paste (from Asian stores), pepper, soya sauce
& some dried herbs. Cover & nuke for 8 mins High. It's delicious! You can
do this dish with okra too. All my colleague love the smells in the pantry
when I'm cooking this. It's great with rice or noodles.

There's also a recipe for stir fried eggplant at my webpage. Just hold the
sesame oil to lower the fat count.


Karen Lim