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Nuritional Yeast

Hello, all!

I'm not sure about the proerties of nutritional yeast, but I cannot eat it
because it causes an allergic reaction in me, and I get some itching that
resembles the feeling of a yeast infection.  I also admit that I don't like
the taste of it at all ! *ducking*  It is definitely worth a try, if you're
willing, because I guess many people love it, and it *does* have lots of
B-12.  But I'm sticking to my fortified soymilk!


anglstar wrote:
Is this the type of yeast that causes candida, or the type of yeast that
would bring on an overgrowth of yeast in the body, such as an yeast
infection?  I try to avoid anything with yeast as I notice a flare  up
of symptoms of yeast overgrowth afterwards.  Can I eat this safely
and not worry that it will cause these symptoms? As I would like to
try this for the B12 content as I am vegetarian.