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Asian markets

This past Saturday I went on a tour of Chinatown in Boston as part of
our Vegetarian Society.

It was fantastic is so interesting.  I learned of new vegies, such as
chinese Eggplant, at least 5 different kinds of bok choy and tons of
other greens.

I bought some dried lilly flowers and cooked them with brown rice and
vegies last night.  The flowers (which look like moist strips of a
sprout) added tremendous flavor and probably only need to sprinkle the
rice with them as the flavor is intense.  I also bought a vegetarin
oyster sauce that was highly recommended by others in the group.  I
haven't tried cooking with it yet.

I highly recommend the lilly flowers and am looking for recipes with
some other vegies such as the chinese eggplant (long, thin and bright
purple, were told they are nothing like the more common eggplant, not
bitter and delicious) and bok choy.