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VLF Diet Not Boring!

My husband was also skeptical--a meat and potatoes man but also enough
farmer to love vegetables.  After lowering his cholesterol through diet
alone, he converted!

My husband eats at restaurants at lunchtime every day and can eat anything
he wants.  So we cook and eat very low fat vegetarian at home.  Our
breakfasts and evening meals are all very low fat vegetarian.  He has
fatfree skim milk; I'm allergic.  I cook "from scratch" including beans.
(Too much sodium in canned beans.)  Snacks and desserts are usually
in-season fruits.  It works very well for us.

Try this with your families.  It is a well known fact that schools all over
the U.S. provide junk food for our children.  Eat low fat vegetarian all
other times.  After a while, they lose their taste for high fat foods and
just like someone else said, leave out the buzz words.

Also I have found that spices are the key to any dish.  And don't use the
same ones all the time!  Try Mrs. Dash spices.  They're very good!  Keep