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Anyone know about OneList?


I have now received two welcome letters to a lowfat tips list
administered by the OneList website (or organization?). I unsubscribed
myself the first time, and this time I've sent an e-mail asking who they
are and how they got my name. I'm curious whether or not others on this
list have received this solicitation.

The OneList website states that the only way you would be added to a
list is if you subscribed yourself or a friend subscribed you. My
friends would tell me if they signed me up for something. And since I'd
never heard of OneList, I know I didn't subscribe.

One thing I really like about this list is I know who the owner is, what
her purpose for the list is, and I feel I am a part of a community where
I know people's names. I sure don't like being gathered into a list like
a fish in a net.

Please let me know if you have any insight into this organization.


Julie in San Jose