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the infamous durian

i promised that i would would report on the durian when we got back from 
vacationing in thailand (the whole durian thread was a few months ago)

it sure does stink!  after hearing so much about this infamous "king of 
fruits", we bought a durian from a roadside stall then brought it back to 
our hotel, even though you're really not supposed to bring the fruit into 
hotels.  the hotel was nice enough to cut it for us then they brought it 
to the pool where we had a durian tasting party with about 10 others from 
our group.  we liked it even though it did stink.  the fruit is yellow, 
the texture is like mashed bananas and it tastes like a mixture of 
bananas, pineapple and custard.

while in chiang mai, chris and i decided to go exploring rather than look 
at silver.  we walked into a grocery store and i asked if they had 
durian.  they said no so i plugged my nose with my fingers so they would 
understand what i was talking about (stinky fruit).  then the pharmacist 
held up breath freshener!  i was cracking up.