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Re: Fat Free Salad Dressing Packets

In a message dated 03/09/99 6:21:04 AM Eastern Standard Time, fatfree-
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<< Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 12:08:35 -0800
 From: Vincent DiCarlo <vdicarlo@xxxxxxx>
 Subject: Packets of Fat Free Dressing
 Message-Id: <36E42E43.BDCA3C26@xxxxxxx>
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 Does anyone know where I can order fat free salad dressing in little
individual plastic packets that can be carried around and used in restaurants
that don't provide it?
 Vincent >>

I pick them up at $.25 at supermarket salad bars, WaWa or equivalent fast food
stops, and always have them around for back-up. I also carry around an empty
pill vial filled with ff parmesan cheese.