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I am a longtime TVP user, but until a couple of weeks ago I had never used or
seen the chunks.  I got some when my natural food store started carrying them,
and they are GREAT!  They're made by Archer Daniels Midland, and you may be
able to get your store to order them.  Mine carries them in bulk.

Since I discovered them, I've made TVP fajitas, TVP stew, TVP
stirfry--anything I can think of that I would normally use tempeh or seitan
in.  You have to rehydrate them, and it takes a good bit longer than the
granules do, but it's really worth it.  They have a great texture and taste
(surprisingly).  And best of all, they stay on your kitchen shelf until you're
ready to use them, so you can keep them around for quick meals.  I
wholeheartedly recommend asking your store to carry them.

Also, I just remembered that Dixie Diner has their own style of soy products
that includes a chunk-style.  It's called Beef (Not!), and you can order it
online from http://dixiediner.com .  I haven't tried it, but I've heard good
things about it.

Susan (Wylder) Voisin

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From: Willow King <wjking@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Saturday, March 06, 1999 1:11 AM
Subject: TVP & miso gravy

>Hi everyone,
>I'm a long-time vegetarian, but only recently began experimenting with
>tofu, TVP, and the like.  While I've found the TVP granules without any
>trouble, I haven't been able to locate the "chunks".  I distinctly
>remember having a veggie stirfry ages ago at a friend's that consisted
>of large chunks of TVP (similar to chunks of ch**ken.)  Am I imagining
>this?  Does anyone have a brand-name that I might look for, or, better
>yet, know where these can be found in Vancouver, BC?
>I am also on the lookout for a LF, easy-to-make miso gravy recipe.  Any
>Thanks in advance,
>PS -- After seeing the recipe earlier for vegan sloppy joes, I got a
>major craving!  I didn't have any BBQ sauce on hand, so I used the
>following, to taste:  TVP crumbles, LF spaghetti sauce, onion, garlic,
>green pepper, red wine, tarragon, ketchup and mustard, served over whole
>wheat buns. It was delicious!!!