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Salad Dressing

Grace wrote:
"I like to use a fat free salad dressing on sandwiches to moisten them and to
add flavor. All of the commercial fat free salad dressings I've tried have 
a characteristic sweet taste that I don't like. Can anyone recommend a 
salad dressing that doesn't have that sweet taste? Thanks a billion... I 
love this list." 

I purchased a ff spread once at Sam's Club which was wonderful, so of course I
couldn't find it the next time I went shopping.  From the label I got the
basic ingredients and discovered that if you take some regular ff mayo or
salad dressing and add some minced garlic, some minced canned jalapenos, and a
little vinegar you can come up with a good tasting spread which doesn't taste
sugary and it also adds some zing to whatever you are using in your sandwich.
Try it, I think you'll like it.
I love this digest - and all the great recipes and ideas.
Beryl in snowed in Rochester