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Oatmeal/cereals and crockpots


Our family are great hot cereal eaters and I've tried all ways of cooking,
including my mini crockpot, but find the best (tastiest), fastest way in the
morning is the microwave, if you have one.

For one helping I use my regular cereal bowl, 3/4 cup water and 1/2 cup old
fashioned rolled oats.   My microwave doesn't have a turntable so I cook two
minutes on high and then turn the bowl and cook for an additional 1.5
minutes and it turns out with a little tooth and creamy.   Because I eat as
little salt as possible and because it takes more salt when you cook with
it, I lightly salt the cereal when it's cooked.   Frequently I add raisins,
chopped dried apricots, craisins, or other dried fruit and just cook it the
same way.   You can do several helpings the same way, with a little less
water and it works wonderfully.   I use other rolled grain mixtures as well,
especially like triticale and oat mixture.   I buy bulk grains and mix them
to my taste at home.   I've on a reversing heart disease program so grains
are my best bet for a daily breakfast.

Good luck!