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Soy Cheese and Triglycerides

Emerging briefly from my lair in order to

My favorite brand of soy cheese (after much
experimentation) is Soy Kaas.  It has good flavor and
texture, even after being frozen and thawed.  It's firm
enough to grate over a pizza or slice thinly for
crackers or a sandwich.  They have cheddar, mozzarella,
and Monterey Jack types that I am aware of.  (Haven't
seen other varieties; doesn't mean they don't exist!).
No, they don't taste like real cheese, but they're
closer to the real thing than others I've tried, and
other people don't look at it and say YUUUUCCKKKKK!
What's THAT?  :-)  It does have casein in it, therefore
not vegan, but it melts like a charm.

Apparently, according to my cardiologist, nobody
understands triglycerides very well.  But it seems that
alcohol, sweets, and lack of exercise can raise
triglycerides.  If you lay off the first two, and
indulge in the third, you may well be able to budge
that number, Bob.  Good luck!


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