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hand-held liquidizers [was: Pea Soup]

andy&shell wrote:

> I have one of these hand held liquidizers, that you can just dip into the
> pan.  It is one of the best kitchen gadgets I have ever bought.  I often
> just dip it in once or twice, just to thicken a soup up.  It's so quick and
> easy, much less work than trying to liquidize in batches, and then clean
> the machine out.  If you're thinking of buying one, do it tomorrow!

Fair warning -- we have had a couple of these, of differing brands (one
Braun, one Black & Decker), and with both we have found that using them
in hot liquids causes them to come all disconnected -- the stirring
blade and rod disconnect from each other and from the hand-held motor,
and you find yourself fishing around in hot soup for random hand-blender
parts!  Wouldn't be quite so bad, but there was a bit of grease
(non-food type) on the end of the stirring rod when it fell in...  :-p  

I'm not saying don't get one (they really are handy), I'm just saying be
careful to let your soup (or whatever) cool a bit before using the thing
in it...


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